Welcome to Broome Street Studios!

Broome Street Studios is the Home Interiors extension of Geschardt Art. Broome Street Studios is how we envision living through colorful furniture, textiles and wallpaper. The images and ideas for the wallpaper and textiles are directly drawn from one of our first drawings we call “The Lady Blackamoor”.  As the image was created it gave us such a resounding feeling of beauty and strength. We were captivated by her lively sense of movement and textures. We felt a strong urge to complete her design with the insertion of bright bold colors as we do in our paintings. The task of building a collection of supporting designs came naturally to us. Each piece was developed from the unique look and feeling we found in “The Lady Blackamoor"  and it was from these inspirations that our first line was born. The vintage furniture we feature is curated specifically to go with our wallpaper, textiles and paintings. Each piece is available for custom-color.

Please scroll through our collection of fabrics by the yard, wallpaper and furniture available.

Fabric by the Yard