Reagan Geschardt is an Abstract Artist

Her passion for painting began when she was just a child and continued while studying at the University of Alabama under well known Abstract Artist Alvin Sella. After studying abroad at Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy, she knew she was committed to painting for life. Reagan’s art is filled with her vast knowledge of classroom studies, extensive European travels and most simply, her pure love for the arts and artists alike.
Reagan’s use of colors and mixed mediums enables her work to speak with great freedom. Her expressions are vividly exposed through her wide range of brush strokes, colors, shapes and textured layers allowing one’s eye to move effortlessly throughout her canvases.
Transplanted from Naples, Florida to New Vernon, New Jersey, Reagan’s pieces will forever be inspired by the tropical warm tones of her home town. Nonetheless, her work continues to flourish up north with her close proximity to New York City and it’s endless possibilities. Reagan is married to fellow Abstract Artist, Danny Geschardt and together they are raising two beautiful daughters, Josephine and Juliette.

Danny Geschardt Considers himself a Self Taught Artist.

His work is abstract and quite textural with a mixed medium of acrylic and oils and sometimes charcoals and pastels. Brightly colored and filled with emotion, Danny fills the canvas with passion and life. He began his career in New York City overseeing the showroom and production for fashion designer, Zoran. His time working in the fashion industry allowed him to experiment with colors and textures of fabrics. He now uses the same approach while layering his canvases. Presently, Danny lives in New Vernon, New Jersey. He makes frequent jaunts to New York City, where he still takes advantage of everything the city has to offer, especially museums. Studying artists and their works in person has carried over into his own mind, fueling his need to create.
“My artwork is a direct reflection of who I am, what I have experienced and where I have traveled. Painting gives me the ability to speak in ways that otherwise, for me, are not so easy. It’s a time I feel most fulfilled and can just let go.”